BAQUA’s 3rd annual Aquaponic Conference was held at Bicton EaRTH – a leading centre of excellence for environmental and renewable energy technology education and training for students, businesses and the wider community in East Budleigh, Devon.

Antonio and I shared our innovative success story and the journey of creating a unique hybrid system in a new and evolving industry that is still in it’s infancy.

Antonio’s incredible knowledge and years of experience was shared as part of our mission in helping others learn and support one of the fastest growing industries.. in particular for colder environments such as the UK compared to the majority of systems globally being in warmer climates.

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Our mission is to be beyond organic with the environment and true sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Our one of a kind BIO-SYMBIOTIC system low tech poly-culture system is a hub of heritage vegetables, fruit and rainbow trout raised on certified organic feed. It’s amazingy what can be found on our farm including the same GOOD organisms as in soil, worms included.. but there is NO SOIL! 

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We looking forward to being part of next years Conference with an incredible group of knowledgeable people!