Harvest returns for a second series to celebrate British farming, and follow the fortunes of some of our top farmers as they battle to bring in the 2015 harvest. Gregg Wallace, Philippa Forrester and newcomer James Manning cross the country visiting farms that produce world-class crops and meeting innovative and pioneering farmers. We’ll witness the harvest as it happens up and down the country. Each episode will focus on three different locations in the UK – North, East and West. The team will follow this critical time of year as the nation’s farmers find out whether all their hard work has resulted in a successful yield, and show the impact that Britain’s harvest can have on the food industry and everyday consumers. The team reports from the West of England, meeting three generations of the Thatcher family as they begin harvesting their cider apples – a fruit whose growth is aided by region’s increased rainfall. Philippa Forrester stops off at a soil-free aquaponics farm in Somerset, where one visionary farmer is growing a plethora of produce fuelled by fish, and hears from a Gloucestershire oilseed rape farmer about the army of hungry insects he has to contend with. Gregg Wallace is in Somerset to visit the largest mushroom farm in Europe, where 30 tons are harvested every day, and James Manning heads to Shropshire where one farmer is painting the countryside vivid yellow with quinoa – the latest `superfood’ to hit Britain.
Watch it HERE we are about 38mins in
  BBC2 Harvest Tim Martin, Executive Producer, says: “What makes the British Harvest so fascinating is how different it is every year. In this series, we focus on the crops Britain grows best, exploring the areas of British farming where we punch above our weight to deliver world-class produce. Right across the UK, we meet innovative farmers whose pioneering spirit is changing the farming industry and guaranteeing there’s always food on our plates.”