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We make gourmet dishes for foodies who share our commitment to eating responsibly and in a mindful way. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, gala or other special occasions we have a menu that is guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Prepared by Antonio Paladino, co-founder of Bioaquafarm, fisherman and Italian master chef, it’s our farm produce sampled at it’s very best.

Antonio comes from Lake Como, a beautiful farming region in the North of Italy with views to rival its food. After moving to London in his twenties he worked in five-star hotels, fine dining restaurants and in private event catering, where he served food to the rich and famous, along with members of the Royal family!

He now specialises in producing sustainable organic trout and veggies to create fine gourmet food and world cuisines, with his favourite being British, Italian and Thai.

We offer three menu types: Pop-up, Buffet and Sat Dining.

We usually harvest and prepare the food the day before the event and cook your food to order to maximise freshness, nutrition and the unique dining experience for your guests.


Sample event menu 

Pop-up menu 


Trout fillet panini with mixed leaves and a lemon aioli mayo.

Smoked trout fish cakes served on a bed of mixed leaves, coleslaw and garlic and parsley mayo

Breaded trout goujons on a bed of salad, coleslaw and garlic and parsley mayo


Crispy Battered trout and seasoned potatoes with garlic mayo

Trout fillet on bed of mixed salad, tomatoes, coleslaw and aioli mayo

Smoked & roasted trout wraps with mixed leaves hearty coleslaw and tzatziki sauce.

Smoked trout roll, chard and ricotta served with mixed leaves and garlic-lemon mayo. (available

on request without fish and suitable for vegetarian)


Blackcurrant & vanilla cheesecake

Custard and cinnamon pastry

Apple and star anise strudel 

Buffet Menu


Fried calamari with parsley and garlic gremolata dip

Chicken Milanese strips with lemon mayo


Rosemary infused Local Lamb spiedini (skewers) with onion, peppers, courgette

Smoked Trout and asparagus pasta salad

Mediterranean roast vegetarian rice salad

Insalada mista (2 types of Italian garden salad- mixed leaves, shaved fennel, tomatoes, carrot, spring onion)

Italian mixed bean salad (cannellini, celery, red onion, with herb dressing)

Chickpea salad with onion, tomato, black olives and Italian balsamic dressing.


Berry cheese cake with blackcurrant coulis.

mille feuille vanilla custard tart

Summer berries and chocolate Torte with ice cream


Sat Dining

(Choose one option per course to make your own set menu. Further customised options are available on request).


Lake Como soup with hot bread rolls (tomatoes, cannellini beans, celery, carrots, Swiss chard, dill, onion, black pepper, garlic)  

Rustica roll served with Parsley lemon Mayo (Swiss chard, spinach, ricotta, egg, garlic, black pepper, puff pastry, sesame seed, Mayo, parsley, lemon)

Chicken Goujones on Winter mixed leaves and sweet chilli sauce. (Trout fillet, egg, breadcrumbs, watercress, sorrel, chicory, sweet chilli sauce)


Trout fillet grilled and served with sauté Swiss chard and rosemary roast potatoes.

Trout fillet Oven baked with a White wine lemon and parsley sauce on a bed of sauté cabbage and chunky herbed potatoes

Trout fish cakes with béarnaise, rocket salad and root veg slaw.

Smoked Trout Ravioli with a basil tomato sauce and black olives


Italian warm Panettone pudding with brandy sauce. (flour, yeast, egg, sugar, raisin, milk, brandy

Berry cheesecake with blackcurrant coulis. (cream cheese, digestive biscuits, butter, mixed berries

Italian Tiramisu (finger biscuit, egg, sugar, coffee, marsala wine)

Chocolate Torte and berry coulis and Chantilly cream

Guests with allergies can ask for the full ingredient list or have food pre-ordered and specially made to meet their dietary requirements.


How to book:

Drop us an email at: info@bioaquafarm.co.uk, or call: 01934710342 to talk menu options and book us for your event.