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With over 600 students from 32 countries taught since 2014, we are expert educators in aquaponics, adept at teaching students from all walks of life. We’ve also consulted for over 100 organisations on aquaponic growing systems, and have been told that our aquaponics courses are unrivalled globally.

That’s great to hear because we love to share our knowledge and pride ourselves on inspiring a generation of growers to become self-sufficient and to create thriving aquaponic ecosystems for themselves!

We offer two aquaponic courses:

Our Garden Aquaponics course is for the back garden or urban indoor grower and teaches how to build and nurture an aquaponic system to grow vegetables and fish from home in a symbiotic way, without weeding or watering.

Our Commercial Aquaponics course is for larger enterprises, aimed at anyone who wants to start-up and manage an aquaponics business. We will guide you through planning, economics, operation, profitability, and business models essential to success.


Your expert tutor

Antonio Paladino is the co-founder of Bioaquafarm and chief educator of aquaponics. Having successfully designed, implemented and run many systems around the globe using various techniques, he is a fountain of aquaponics knowledge.

A sought-after speaker, he was invited to deliver the keynote speech at the aquaponics Hub conference in Spain, 2016, and has presented at the Farm Innovation Show and numerous other conferences/ events over the last six years.

You can be assured that you’ll receive the best education is aquaponics by choosing to train with Antonio. His expert approach comes from a decade of horticultural courses and in-depth study in the field of bio-symbiosis and aquaculture. Plus, he has undertaken a course in teacher training to ensure that course materials are delivered in the most appealing and accessible way.

Antonio is a visionary, filled with passion and drive, guaranteed to get you hooked on aquaponics. You’ll learn his specialist, and industry regarded, approach to integrated farming as well as how to adopt techniques that are transforming the farming industry for the better.

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