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Commercial Aquaponics

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to start-up and manage an aquaponics business. We will guide you through planning, economics, operation, profitability, and business models essential to success.

You will learn:

  • A world-renowned, innovative approach to sustainable food production from the biggest aquaponic trout farm in the EU specialising in    gourmet fish production and added value production.
  • How the aquaponics industry has diversified and adapted to modern demands.
  • The techniques and equipment essential for running a successful commercial aquaponic system.
  • The practical skills used in aquaculture farming and applied methods of Hydroponic production, utilised by industry experts.
  • The commercial aquaculture licensing and regulation requirements to help you to comply with industry standards.
  • Critical business thinking to develop your commercial set-up, helping you to avoid costly mistakes and focus resources in the right places.

Course outline: 

  1. The industry today
  • Application of the Aquaponics industry
  • The status of Commercial Aquaponics
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaculture – RAS
  1. System components
  • Tanks
  • Floating Raft (D.W.C), NFT, Media-filled Systems, drip-fed, vertical
  • Suspended solid management
  • Sumps
  • Bio-filters options
  • Oxygenation devices and diffusers
  • Water pumps controls
  • Advantage of hydrodynamic
  • Sterilisation
  • Coupled/de-coupled systems approach
  • Aquaponic system management
  • System operation and maintenance
  • Commercial greenhouses structures
  • Greenhouses environmental control (passive, active)
  1. Design, construction, system redundancy
  • Customised system design
  • Choice of construction material and suppliers
  • GSM remote alarms and devices
  • System back-up’s
  1. Aquaculture  
  • Fish stocking density
  • Harvest management and humane slaughtering method
  • Feeding devices and methods
  • Commercial antibacterial solution and sanitation
  • Biosecurity and disease management
  • How to achieve a clean taste in fish

  1. Economics of commercial AP  [/one_half]
  • Retail finfish demand and supply
  • Strengths and weakness of AP production
  • Evaluation of Plant production rates per m³
  • Evaluation of Fish production rates per m³
  • Running cost
  • Labour input
  • The benefits of added value production
  1. Water
  • Water quality test and monitoring methods
  • Aquaculture water parameter standards
  • Evaluation of water resources
  1. Plant culture
  • Identify a niche market
  • Seed propagation and transplant
  • Crop schedule and sequenced staggered methods
  • Efficient crop management practice
  • Crops optimal culture methods
  • Pest control and management
  • Common Plant nutrient deficiency management
  • Managing water chemistry and nutrient availability
  • Test protocol for available plants nutrients
  • Additional nutrient sources and suppliers
  • Crop logbook (excel sheet)
  1. Legislation
  • Become an authorised Aquaculture Production Business
  • Fish transport legislation
  • Fish regulation and dealing with farm inspection
  • Fish movement record
  • Farm daily logbook record (handout)
  • Handling hygiene and Food safety on farms (handout)


You will be guided through the technicalities of Aquaculture farming and the applied methods of hydroponic production consolidating knowledge for your own project.

We will teach you everything we know about the management of commercial aquaponics farms, which has helped the many farms we’ve around the world to thrive.

Together we are changing the way the world approaches farming, for better more sustainable futures for all.

On completing both course levels, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Aquaponics. Jeff Ingvaldson, Brilliant Harvest. UK


Bioaquafarm is the UK market leader, in my opinion, for aquaponics instruction (from backyard to commercial) and experience. Courses are both highly instructive, sensitive to individual needs and questions, and all delivered with Antonio and Amanda’s infectious enthusiasm and exceptional hospitality.  Jeremy Burnell


A very well-presented course with so much information. Everything you would need to set up a professional operation. Ed Lindsell, South Africa


My second course here ‘A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful weekend by Antonio. Extremely valuable and highly recommended, great networking too! Huge thank you! Ande Gregson, Green Lab, London


First class course- Best available. Very deep level of knowledge, extremely thorough and delivered with so much infectious enthusiasm and inspiration. Thank you very much. Katherine Headlam, UK



Course dates:  

  • 21st – 22nd July
  • 29th – 30th September

Course cost:

Commercial 2-day course:  £495


  • 2-day course: instruction and learning materials.
  • Lunch made with delicious ingredients from our farm.
  • Snacks and refreshments on both days.
  • Commercial Aquaponics certificate.


Sharing’s caring – bring a business partner and receive 10% off your combined course fee!  

Class size is limited and places fill up fast, register early to guarantee your space.

How to register:

Drop us an email at: info@bioaquafarm.co.uk, or call: 01934710342 to request a course booking form. Fill out the form and send it back to us so we can get you booked in!

Find us here: BS28 4PA, closest train station- Burnham & Highbridge