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Garden Aquaponics

Garden Aquaponics

Learn how to build and nurture an aquaponic system, to grow vegetables and raise fish in your own back garden or urban indoor environment in a symbiotic way, without weeding or watering!

Course outline:

  1. System basics & components
  • AP system: Components identification and purpose
  • Hydro-culture Methods: Floating Raft (D.W.C), NFT, Media-filled Systems
  • Ideal fish Tanks
  • Aeration
  • Water pumps
  • Growth Methods and Applications
  • Aquaponic System Management and Maintenance
  • Outbuilding Shelters and Covers
  • Greenhouses and Environmental Control
  • Daily Operation
  • Tour of Greenhouse & Fish production unit.
  1. Water chemistry
  • Water Quality
  • System water sources
  1. Plant culture
  • Seed propagation and Transplanting Seedlings
  • Crop Choices
  1. Nutrient Balance & Growth
  • Type of Grow Media
  • Nutrient Availability for Plants and Nitrification
  • Nutrients Sources for the System
  • Nitrification cycle and Nutrient Availability for Plants

  1. Design and construction critical consideration 
  • Selecting the Right System for you Needs
  • Permits, Regulation and organic standards
  • Aquaponics Project Planning and Start Up
  • Economics of Aquaponics
  • Selection of material
  1. Pest and disease control measure
  • Pest Identification, and Natural Pest Control
  • Biological Management
  1. Aquaculture
  • Fish Selection
  • Fish Stocking and Harvesting technique
  • Fish Feeds, Automated Feeding device, feeding guideline.
  • Fish handling and sanitation
  • Fish Purging and Slaughter methods.
In addition to our classroom, students will understand how to build a system over the 2 days spending almost as much time on practical as the theory; exploring and experiencing different growing methods with all the tips and tricks from a field expert.


With over 600 students from 32 countries taught since 2014, we are expert educators in aquaponics, adept at teaching students from all walks of life.

We love to share our knowledge and pride ourselves on inspiring a generation of growers to become self-sufficient and to transform farming for good. But don’t take our word for it, hear what other garden growers have to say..


We attended the course with Antonio at BioAqua Farm. It was absolutely fantastic! We walked away with a really good understanding of aquaponics and how to set up our own system. A great balance of theory and practical. A nice small group of students made it an easy environment to learn. Oh, and don’t expect boring sandwiches for lunch – the food was amazing!

 Josh & Abi

 Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic, informative, thoroughly enjoyable weekend course. Learnt a lot and  am now in the process of building a small backyard system with a renewed enthusiasm for a big system next year,  for which I will undoubtedly be requiring your 1 to 1 consultancy! 
 The course was excellent. There was nothing we couldn’t ask about. The information was excellent and delivered with infectious passion. I’m sure we will have to come back for more!  Thank you.

Antonio’s confidence and competence are infectious and all my doubts about getting started with aquaponics have evaporated. I can’t wait to set up our own system.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is thinking of becoming more self-sufficient, the practical demo system we set up step by step makes my long-term goals seem very achievable. Keep up the awesome work and look forward to the advanced course.
Ivik Butalia


Dive into our world and discover the benefits of aquaponics for yourselves.


Course dates: 

  • 17- 18 March
  • 14- 15 April – Full
  • 19- 20 May
  • 23- 24 June
  • 14- 15 July
  • 22-23 September
  • 20-21 October
  • 17- 18 November

Course cost:

Garden Aquaponics 2-day course:  £295


  • 2-day course: instruction and learning materials.
  • Lunch made with delicious ingredients from our farm.
  • Snacks and refreshments on both days.
  • Garden Aquaponics certificate.

Sharing’s caring – bring a family member and receive 10% off your combined course fee!  

Class size is limited and places fill up fast, register early to guarantee your space.

How to register:


Or drop us an email at: info@bioaquafarm.co.uk, or call: 01934710342 to request a course booking form. Fill out the form and send it back to us so we can get you booked in!

Find us here: BS28 4PA, closest train station- Burnham & Highbridge