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A big thanks to all the volunteers who have helped on the farm since the birth of our farm.

Volunteer PJ

Andrea has moved about 50 tonne of wood; pebbles; hydrotone and more, co-built the second system. During his time here he learnt how to run the system and is a key part of this creation!


volunteer Peppe

Some of the toughest days were digging and building in rain and mud! non stop for 30 days, thanks Peppe for keeping to post from sliding away in the mud! (Peppe on left)

Volunteer Martyn 2

Martyn helping to build the first greenhouse, a great friend throughout the journey.

volunteer Marcin 2

The first hole we dug for fish pond number 1 we will never forget, thanks Marcin for your strength and bravery!



If you are interest to volunteer or for internship placement please contact us for an application form. Please note we only have openings at certain times of year with a high volume of applicants.