What a great weekend of events and perfect weather to go with it… well, so I thought being Australian.. but maybe slightly too hot for some.. While Antonio was cooking up a storm of Hot Trout Fillet Pittas, with fresh garden salad and parsley/garlic Mayo @ Glastonbury Abbey in his medieval costume and display… and winning awards for best dressed! (photo to follow) I was being entertained by wild creatures and live music @ festival of Nature with one of our team, Max.. Sunday we fed many a Bristolian with our Hot Trout fillet Pittas, all thanking us for our fresh and tasty Rainbow Trout and we thank you for supporting us as we embark on a new adventure, with our mission to change the future of farming to a more sustainable, eco & ethical practise…  many modern farming methods are so focused on the speed of production to make more money, that they lose sight of growing food ethically, and nurturing the wellbeing of the animals & plants. For us this includes low stocking density so our Rainbow’s can swim freely, to only  growing diploid Trout, or non-triploids which means our Trout are as you would find in nature. we look forward to more festivals this season, there are so many good things going on and too many places to be… we cant do them all.. so we are trying out a new local farmers Market in Clarkes Village on 1 Sunday a month (see our calendar of events) starting this Sunday 22nd June..