IMG_0411 What matters is the future of farming and it all starts here as we spread the word of integrated farming also known as Aquaponics.  Farmers’ markets is a great place to meet the producers and learn more about what’s behind creating delicious food and for those who are interested in eating local and growing their own in a more sustainable way we are here to sow the seeds of new ways to grow! IMG_0415IMG_0417 We love the market vibe and wonderful people we meet there and really hope the Farmers’ Market grow to be more of a destination for food and weekly shopping in the future.  In Frome there is a wonderful Independent Frome Market offering great food, live music, hand made crafts, vintage and cool pop-up markets its a great place to hang out on a Sunday( 1st of the month), we have just started to offer delicious freshly caught Trout fillet burgers here to give a healthy option to a Sunday munch.  Hope to see you at a Farmers’ Market soon! IMG_0414