Ready to Cook

Ready to Cook


Fresh Rainbow Trout fillets from our bio-symbiotic farm, which is the most sustainable way to farm Trout, no by-waste, low stocking density, so our fish get to live a happy life with more swimming space than normal table farm.

You will also be happy when you taste our fish for its clean taste with more flavour than the average Trout and no muddy taste!



buckwheat pasta website


Pizzoccheri is a traditional  Buckwheat Pasta from an area in the Italian Alps called Valtellina, its been cultivated in the area since the 1600’s.

To try our delicious Pizzoccheri recipe click here





pasta website


Kamut originally known as Khorasan is an amazing ancient wheat grain with a rich nutty flavour. It was nicknamed King Tut’s  wheat which was believed to be found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.





smoked garlic


Smoked Garlic- I delicious addition to a pasta sauce or simply add finely chopped into a salad dressing or mayo. No need to cook it, so can add at the last few minutes to a dish before serving.