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  • Smoked Rainbow Trout

  • Preserving natures best

    Preserving natures best

  • brook trout caviar

    brook trout caviar

For Fish lovers…

Smoked Trout PateSmoked Trout Pâté


Smoked trout pâté is one of our most popular creations, we are proud to offer a unique recipe made with the finest ingredients and rainbow trout freshly harvested from our bio-symbiotic farm.

Our organically fed trout, a knob of butter, cream cheese and smoked garlic make it delicious and creamy. Best eaten at room temperature and spread on melba toast or with Italian bread sticks, for those avoiding gluten oat cakes are a good alternative.

IMG_0002 Smoked Trout fillets with marinades

Delicious just as it is flaked in a salad or on top of pasta or rice.

To enjoy warm you can place the bag in boiled water for up to 1 min, or in a hot pan with a knob of butter for 2mins.


Italian parsley and Garlic

Sweet Chilli and Lemon Verbena

Mediterranean- with olives, capers, sundried tomato




sweet chilli & lemon verbena marinade


Fresh Trout fillets with marinades


Italian parsley and Garlic

Thai Sweet Chilli and Lemon Verbena

Sea Fennel and Lemon Zest





Brook Trout Caviar

Brook Trout Caviar

Seasonal speciality from our aquaponic farm.

A golden delicacy to add to your canapés and sushi.





Preserving life’s best…

Raw Honey Raw Honey

Raw honey from bees that forage a variety of flowers mostly from hedgerows, green fields and chestnut trees.

Raw meaning it is unpasteurised and not heated, which helps to retain all the goodness in the honey.







Blackcurrant conserve Blackcurrant, Strawberry and Vanilla Conserve


We only use freshly picked berries and fruits from our orchard which is farmed without the use of chemicals, as nature intended, then we add a touch of special aromatic spices and a small amount of demerara sugar and some lemon zest. We gently simmer for a short time so not to loose the precious nutrients of the fruit.

From harvest to jar on the same day.