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For your aquaponic system

Coconut Plug Tray

£8.50 – 84 plugs per tray
100% Natural Coconut coir plugs without any binders, glue or peat. Safe for aquaponic and suitable for the organic grower. Plugs suitable for 5mm Net Pot.
How to use: soak the tray of plugs overnight leaving half the tray submerged in tap water. When plug is wet thoroughly, its ready for seeding. Best to use tweezers to push the seed into the hole at the top of the plug.  
  • You can cut the tray into smaller modules so you only soak the amount of plugs you need.
  • Plugs are supplied dried therefore have a long shelf-life.
  • Best for DWC deep water culture
  • Tray size: 54cm x 31cm x 5cm

Coco-Perlite Mix Plug Tray

£9.95 – 84 plugs per tray
Uniquely formulated to hold its shape and not lose debris or fall apart. The combination of coco with perlite adds some minerals and assists with seedling establishment. Plugs suitable for 5mm Net Pot.
The best choice for commercial growers with an aquaponic system. How to use: plugs are supplied dried and need soaking for 30 minutes half submerged in tap water. Once the plugs are wet they can be seeded. Best to use tweezers to push the seed into the hole at the top of the plug.

Net Pots

£6.00 – Pack with 100 Net Pots
Heavy duty net pot that is reusable, best to sterilise with an acid solution such as citric acid.
Size: 5cm high x 5cm diameter. Fits in a 45mm hole in a DWC raft

Raft Boards for DWC

£14.95 –127cm x 62cm x 5cm
Undrilled and with indentation to fit tight and support. High density material, does not break up like polystyrene. Can handle 20 kg of vegetables floating on water. Very durable with many years of use.
Drill holes with 44mm drill bit cutter at desired distance for selected crop species. Care: brush with a gentle plastic brush to remove debris. Use a soapy solution to remove stains left from plants, then rinse well with tap water. Use a bottle brush for cleaning the inside of the holes with the net pot and plant sits. NOTE: When drilling the holes, keep the studs to act as plugs when holes are not in use, this prevents formation of algae in the system.

Aquaponic flood and drain digital timer

£100 each
Precision digital timer with range from 1 sec to 999 minutes to control the flood and drain cycle to automatic your water pump.
Water proof case for outdoor and humid environment. Operates at temperatures as low as -10c. Suitable for wall or vertical surface mount. Size: 114mm x 160mm x 85mm W x H x D Weight: 1kg How to use: Plug the timer in a mains electric socket and set required on and off cycle, then plug the water pump to the timer socket. Simple settings with 2 key buttons and displayed count down and count up of on /off cycle.

Gravity Filter Mesh Bags

£10.00 – 40cm long x 18cm wide at the top £15.00 – 80cm long x 19 cm wide at the top
Fine 100 micron mesh to act as the polishing stage of filtration in your Aquaponic system.
How to use: Hang the bag inside the sump DWC of fish tank and it will continuously sieve fine sediment, which will collect inside the bag. Check for accumulation of solid inside the bag periodically. When the water is overflowing from the top of the plastic rim of the filter bag then the bag is full and its time to clean it out with water and then put back in position. Care: use a mild soapy solution or natural bleach to soak overnight then rinse thoroughly before use.

Certified Organic Trout Feed

Sizes available: 2mm, 3mm or 4.5mm

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