Our Story

Our Story

With a passion for making a positive difference to food quality, miles and farming methods the search began to find the solution…

It all started over 6 years ago following a journey around the world when Antonio Paladino discovered ancient farming methods as a possibility for the future of farming, one in particular that stood out was that of the ‘chinampas’ known as the floating gardens, combined with more recent eco farming technology lead to Antonio’s determination to bring this to the forefront by pioneering of a commercial scale integrated farm in the UK with permaculture at heart.  So Paladino and Heron left London behind to move on a farm and establish a sustainable food solution.

‘What convinced me was the fact I was able to grow food in a sustainable way with 95% less water, no petrochemical fertiliser, more produce per square foot with full traceability, less energy resources than conventional farming and most importantly the food I grew was even tastier than the same produce I could find in the supermarkets.’

Antonio Paladino comes from a farming and lake fishing region in the North of Italy where he trained as a chef, then moving to London 16 years ago where his career transformed, working in five star hotels and fine dining restaurants to private event catering, he had the honour to cook for some of the most important people in the UK, including members the Royal family and top celebrities. Naturally food production was becoming his next obsession, with the core values of living a healthy life style with the optimum quality food and leaving our planet in a better state than we have found it.’

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Amanda Heron grew up in the countryside on the South East coastal region of Australia, fishing, surfing, gardening were stereotypical of the region and with a naturopathic mother meant very healthy eating from youth. After many travels she landed in London in 1998 with a background in fashion and costume design and production felt this was the next positive step, little did she know she would find herself working in the Organic and Natural industry, and continues to this day. With a strong life long belief in organic food, natural medicine and following the path to lighten our step on the planet, she stepped right into Paladino’s path where they both shared a light bulb ‘AHA’ moment and have never look back.







Our Mission begins…

Live each moment knowing what you are doing is creating a positive future for one and all.

Food is at the heart of many cultures and customs, its much more than just a habit, its social, entertaining and in some cultures such as Italy everyday life evolves around it! Then came fast food and conveniences, where we in the western world particularly started to run out of time to prepare our meals the slow and healthy route…so where did it all go wrong, and how can we bring back the pleasure of healthy eating into our everyday life?

We aim to create food that is delicious and sustainable with your health in mind.

Our mission has only just begun, yet its as though we are firing on all cylinders with the passion for creating a sustainable solution for the future of our food, with exceptional quality and a healthy lifestyle. Its something that we each contribute to the result of our own health and environmental choices.