The Farm

The Farm


The first commercial Aquaponics farm in Europe to be specialised in gourmet produce and event catering.

Started in March 2011 with our trial system, followed by the full set up in July 2012 when we committed our life to develop a mutually beneficial lifestyle for us, our customer, the planet and for the generation to come. Aquaponic integrated farming practice utilise organic principles and brings to life a symbiotic eco-system where fish, plants and beneficial insects are sharing a safe an harmonious recreated ecosystem.

Other farm animals, trees and plants are cohabiting in a close loop environment that we have created for a sustainable self-sufficient zero waste system. The bedding from the duck coop become nutritious mulch for our orchard, the water from the pond is utilised to water the fruiting shrubs, bees from our colonies are helping pollinating the apple and pear trees. The wormery is helping getting rid of greenhouse green waste just to give back plenty of worm juice to feed the plants with.

‘I just wanted to say again how impressed I was with your Aquaponics set up and business. Its a real credit to you both and all the hard work you have put in.’  Dr. Wilson Lenard, Australia



CEFAS Authorisation number EW069-S-438A