A fantastic night at Yeo Valley HQ for the Food Awards last Monday 25th Jan. Antonio created a unique and fresh tasting canapé of freshly picked ingredients only hours before the event, now that’s not something you will normally find in food catering! A Watercress wrap filled with French Sorrel Yeo Valley organic crème fraiche garnished with Rock Samphire, which many avid foragers of rock samphire commented on how big the leaves are and tender the bite compared to the wild one they have picked, Adrian Boots expert forager said its the most pungent and intense flavour of all rock samphire he has tried! Well it’s been a great way to start the year, with many more exciting things in planning for the year ahead, stay tuned, we will be back in Yeo Valley for the YEOpen Day in late April. PhototasticCollage-2016-01-31-18-39-21PhototasticCollage-2016-01-31-19-54-43